Seafood Buffet & Fjord Cruise In Bergen

Sit back and experience Bergen city from the sea!

Along the way you can enjoy short-lived and fantastic seafood at its best.

The trip leaves Vågen, past Bryggen, Rosenkrantztårnet, Håkonshallen, Bergenhus Fortress, Nordnes, Sandviksboder, Norway's Fisheries Museum, Sandviken, Nyhavn, Old Bergen and further out Byfjorden, Eidsvåg, Nordhordalandsbroen before returning back to Fisketorget.


Fantastic seafood buffet.

On the trip a delicious and rich seafood buffet is served with fresh shrimp, crab, sea crawfish, snow crab, mussels, smoked salmon, hot smoked salmon, mackerel, herring, fish soup, lobster soup and more.

As an accessory we serve aioli, bread, salad etc.

All this and more, you can eat as much as you want on your trip.

Seafood platter

Our delicious seafood platter includes shrimp, crab, smoked salmon, mackerel and herring. This is a popular option among all our visitors.

We offer mineral water, wine, beer, coffee / tea, etc.

MS Lykkeper

MS Lykkeper was built in 1969 at Salthammers Båtbyggeri and has capacity for 170 passengers. Lykkeper has three cozy lounges, panoramic windows, plenty of space outside on deck and is well suited for summer parties for companies, anniversaries,representation and other events. We facilitate every occasion.

Attendance Fish Market, Strandkaien 3, Wallendalshopen.
Departure 14:00 Lunch cruise, duration 1.5 hours.
Price Seafood buffet & fjord cruise NOK 799, -
Only fjord cruise KR 399, -
Departure at 18:00 Dinner cruise, duration 2.5 hours
Season May 22 - September 15
Contact us for times other than this.
Barn 0 - 2 years free. 2 - 12 years half price.